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Two-Sided Taxi Tops

  • The two-sided taxi top is our most iconic and popular product.
  • The two-sided top consists of two 14” by 48” side panels and a fluorescent back-light to ensure that your ad is seen during the day and night.

Clear Vision Showcase Taxi Tops

  • Clear Visions brand-new, “state of the art” see-through “Showcase” Taxi Tops command attention from every direction - in traffic, at stop signs, or at large special events - with unique ads.
  • Each “Showcase” Taxi Top is 200% brighter than conventional Taxi tops, as the light reflects off the see-through glass to capture everyone’s attention within eyesight of the Taxi, and display your brand.
  • The “Showcase” tops can be a platform to display your one of a kind, out-of-the-box creative campaign. Unlike traditional two-sided tops, these Showcase tops allow clients to use their creativity to come up with unique product placement designs (i.e. Place wrapped gifts inside for a special holiday promotion, or beach balls for a summer beach promotion).

* Our “Showcase” Tops are available in limited numbers

Taxi Staging

  • Taxi Staging is ideal for Conventions of all kinds or any major events, such as store openings, concerts, sporting events, or major holidays.
  • Taxi cabs are coordinated to line up one behind the other in a high-exposure area to create a “Wall of Ads”.
  • Taxi staging allows the client to have dominant exposure amongst prospects and buyers with a strategic off-site location.
  • Taxi staging guarantees an innovative way of advertising, causing a buzz at any event and a great PR opportunity. Stunning visual coverage and high impact will impress both clients and customers.

Driver Brand Ambassador Program

  • Take advantage of the taxi drivers as “brand ambassadors”.
  • Have drivers use a unique prop or costume for special events or stagings, to draw the customer’s attention to your product or brand.
  • Make good use of the interior of the cabs to promote your campaign.
  • Give the customers something to take home with them.
  • Incorporate a specialized taxi receipt or coupon that puts your brand directly in the hands of potential customers, vendors, suppliers, investors or future employees.

Creative Options


  • Have your campaign standout with either a full or partial Taxi Wrap.
  • With a complete take-over of a taxi cab, Taxi wraps are a surefire way to command your audience’s attention.

* Available in limited markets.


  • Standard two-sided taxi top lights with a twist.
  • Use custom Extension Taxi Tops to add even more impact, visibility, and creativity to your taxi advertising campaign.

* Available in limited markets.

Night vs. Day Panels

  • With our unique and customized printing design, the night vs. day panel will transform your campaign from one daytime look to an enhanced night time look.

Event Coverage

  • 24/7 exposure that is start to finish coverage of the entire convention.
  • Geo-targeted taxi cabs means no wasted impressions.
  • Most cost-effective form of advertising

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