Taking the Night


McDonald’s is one of the most iconic brand name companies in the world. Already known for their tasty Big Macs, milkshakes, and Chicken McNuggets, McDonald’s has now extended their hours to attract the late night meal-goer. And in a competitive fast food market, McDonald’s had to make sure that the nighttime audience was aware of these new hours.

The Challenge

The challenge with the McDonald’s Campaign was for the launch of the McDonald’s new Late Night Menu, to provide great exposure throughout the county for the 113 individual stores. With buses not running all night and limited forms of OOH medium to capture the late night market, McDonald’s turned to us to help push their product locally.

The Solution

Clear Vision Advertisement placed ads on 125 cabs that provided coverage throughout the entire county with special emphasis on the Gaslamp District and Pacific Beach, which contain a high number of 18-34 year olds, and are a popular destination for nightlife. Therefore taxi cabs for advertising were a great fit because of the high usage of cabs during these Late Night hours and the amount of times the client’s message was seen. We ensured that coverage was provided from the San Ysidro border all the way up to Oceanside.

The Result

The campaign was a success in that many of the McDonald’s stores were pleased with the results and retained their Late Night Menu. Also, McDonald’s has expressed interest in working with us on future campaigns. Since that first Late Night Menu campaign, McDonald’s has now run a second campaign, and expanded to use Clear Vision’s services in Los Angeles.