Effects of Using a Taxi to Advertise at Night

Imagine that you are out on the town with your friends hopping from bar to bar. As the night grows darker, objects you may not have noticed during the day suddenly become more apparent. You find yourself catching glimpses of the bright signs above taxi cabs, billboards or just about anything else that is brightly lit.

Needless to say, your eyes are very sensitive to light. When you are in a dim or dark setting, your pupils expands to let in as much light as possible. So when you introduce something really bright, it interrupts this adjustment and catches your attention. This is called the Firefly Effect.

We are well aware of this and our advertising solution is perfect for quickly grabbing a large number of individual's attention, even if it's just for a split second. While a product/service isn't going to be sold that moment, the benefit of taxi advertising is that it helps set the stage for brand recognition. Beyond that, there is a positive association built between your brand and having a fun night out on the town with friends.

As for taxi advertisers, remember that even though the goal is to target a very wide audience, it's worth considering the demographic that is out at night. These are people that are looking to have fun, they may need a place to stay the night, or they're (unknowingly) willing take suggestions on what they should drink next.

Taking advantage of taxi ads at night is a great alternative to obtrusive advertising since it takes advantage of the subtleties of how the human body works. This is a direct way to have your brand seen, and remembered, by tens of thousands of people.