Event Coverage

Do you want to have your brand seen at a convention or major event in town? Clear Vision’s Event Packages are the best way to saturate your target audience for the one to five days that they are at the event. Clear Vision has branded itself as the go-to team for taxi top presence in major events across the nation. Whether it be a convention, store opening, or product launch, Clear Vision’s Event Packages are strategically designed to execute your campaign specifically using taxi cabs in the areas that have the highest visibility for your event. It’s network of cabs has put together successful taxi advertising event campaigns for HBO, Abu Dhabi, Bristol Meyers, and Oracle, to name a few. View a list of options and services that are available in our Event Packages.

Convention Coverage

Clear Vision’s convention coverage is a great way to have 24/7 coverage during a particular convention. For maximum convention coverage, Clear Vision Advertisement employs the use of specific taxi cabs that have the highest presence at the airport, downtown, hotels, and convention center. The purpose of this particular design is for your brand to be the first thing that convention goers become aware of as they arrive at the hosting city’s airport. From there, the specific taxicabs at the hotels provide coverage to and from the convention center, and then even as convention attendees go out for the night, your brand is continuously being seen. Also, use added features including taxi receipts or promo giveaways. This way, you will showcase your brand not only outside of the cab with that taxi top, but inside to customers as well.

Fashion Week Coverage

We recently teamed up with fashion icons Vogue, Essence, Maybelline, and Oscar de la Renta, and up-and-coming fashion labels TIBI, Rag&Bone, and ICB in New York for it’s semi-annual Fashion Week this September 6-13. Featuring more than 500 fashion shows and approximately 232,000 attendees, this star-studded event brings out the who’s-who in Fashion world, and Clear Vision taxi tops provided great exposure for our fashion brands.

With each NYC taxi advertising taxi top providing 10,000 impressions daily throughout Manhattan, not only did our famous fashion brands hit the catwalk this week but also hit the streets.

Customized Coverage

Interested in advertising for your own event? Please contact us for inquiries and quotes for our customized event coverage packages.