Destination Delivered

Abu Dhabi Tourism

Abu Dhabi is quickly becoming the place to visit in the United Arab Emirates, and as such, recently opened an office of Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture in New York City. Abu Dhabi is not only the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates, but the 2nd largest city, and becoming one of the wealthiest in the world.

Clear Vision had the pleasure of working with Abu Dhabi Tourism in their takeover of Times Square with an effective New York taxi advertising campaign. Check out event coverage in the Khaleej Times.

The Challenge

The challenge with the Abu Dhabi campaign was providing enough exposure around New York City for the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority leading up to the launch of their new office. The Authority wanted a massive takeover of the city’s Times Square including a branding initiative involving New York’s iconic yellow taxis.

The Solution

Clear Vision placed ads on 400 cabs throughout the Manhattan area, and contracted 1,200 screens inside these cabs and more to play a 30 second Abu Dhabi video clip. In addition, Clear Vision staged 25 cabs for a half hour lining the streets of Times Square for the opening ceremony of the launch.

The Result

The client, Abu Dhabi Tourism, was thrilled with the execution of the campaign. Clear Vision provided 1.5 million impressions with the screens inside the taxis, and 162 million impressions with the taxi tops themselves and the screening event. The whole launch generated lots of media attention and garnered great reviews, including ones featuring pictures of the taxi tops and staging.