Leading Taxi Advertising Agency

Clear Vision Advertisement was established in 2009 with a straight forward approach to bringing your message to the streets. It was founded by a group of Taxi Medallion owners who were able to position an in-your-face message on a handful of cabs. With the demand and effectiveness that these taxi cab advertisements presented, it was imminent that Clear Vision would evolve into a nationwide platform. Now with multiple networks and partnerships established, Clear Vision is a leading taxi advertising agency. The company maintains a taxi ad market share in the top 25 Designated Market areas, including the competitive New York taxi advertising market.

Clear Vision Advertisement has positioned itself as the top taxi ad agency in the industry of taxi advertising with a client base ranging from mom and pop shops to many of the top fortune 500 companies. With the vast potential of taxi top ad space, it has been able to cater to a variety of interactive campaigns that are running 24/7. Clear Vision continues to evolve throughout the nation with its ongoing recurring clientele, enduring partnerships, and its customer centric approach.

What sets Clear Vision Advertisement apart from all other taxi advertising companies is the ability to work directly with cab owners throughout the nation. By bypassing any of the taxi dispatch companies, Clear Vision enables the clients to receive a cost effective approach to their all-inclusive campaigns. Clear Vision prides itself on a hands-on approach, as its staff works with all of the clients from start to finish to ensure the quality and the effectiveness of each campaign. With these attributes as the cornerstones of their business model, Clear Vision will continue to efficiently bring successful messages to the streets and remain as the best form of outdoor advertising for all companies.

Why Clear Vision Advertisement?

Clear Vision Advertisement is comprised of taxi owners throughout the nation; when in most cases taxi top advertising vendors are contracted by radio dispatch service providers, we work with individual taxi owners for our taxi top advertising campaigns.
Clear Vision Advertisement’s involvement in day-to-day taxi cab management, and familiarity amongst other cab owners, ensures proper execution and coverage.
Clear Vision’s direct involvement with taxi owners eliminates middle-man costs, therefore offering the lowest rate.
Clear Vision Advertisement is a member of the Taxi, Limousine, and Para-transit association (TLPA).